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With leaders in the non-profit, health and, higher education sectors becoming more conscious of their environmental impact, contractors are moving towards a greener future. With this rise in green building and veterans answering the workforce call, see Dr. Basu’s Fourth Quarter forecast for the industry in the Fall 2022 Issue of The Keystone Contractor!

“The key is to look at sustainable construction as an investment, it costs more but you get a return. A financial return typically, but you can also get returns with regards to better indoor air quality, better health for employees, less turnover, more happiness with the building, so fewer callbacks.” AIA, Principal and Co-founder of evolveEA

Marc Mondor

Additional topics include Answering the Call of the Construction Worker Shortage, Building Better,  Multifamily Construction on the Rise, Green Building’s Spark Ignited in Pittsburgh, Fourth Quarter Forecast Feat: Dr. Anirban Basu, Industry News updates, and more!


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