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Building PA Podcast is on the rise

by The Keystone Contractor

Sometimes, big ideas start in small places. 

Two ordinary guys walk into a coffee shop. In a casual conversation over a cup of Joe, they kick around the idea of starting a podcast that would reshape the entire discussion about Pennsylvania’s construction industry.


In its fourth season, The Building PA Podcast, co-hosted by Chris Martin, president of Atlas Marketing, and Jon O’Brien, executive director of the Keystone Contractors Association, has amassed an impressive record. With more than 200 guests interviewed and nearly 200 episodes recorded, the podcast is now on an exciting trajectory, poised to hit the 20,000 downloads milestone. 

“It’s exciting to see our idea flourish into something that has name recognition in the construction industry,” O’Brien said. “I’m always floored when people approach me, say they know me, and comment on a podcast. It’s a pretty cool feeling.”

Martin added, “When we recorded our first podcast, I said, ‘This will either fly or die.’ Much to my surprise and happiness, it’s flying.”

If data from podcasting platform Buzzsprout indicates anything, they picked the perfect time to launch a podcast. Buzzsprout estimates 90 million Americans are weekly podcast listeners, and Statista estimates that number could surpass the 100 million mark next year. Notably, The Podcast Host points out that achieving 30 downloads for a new episode puts you in the top 50% of all podcast creators. In this context, The Building PA podcast consistently outperforms, regularly garnering a minimum of 100 downloads within its first week of release, solidly positioning it well above the industry’s established standards.

Looking ahead

With the fourth season about to wrap, the co-hosts are looking ahead to 2024 and the growth potential for the podcast. 

“We are looking to expand our reach and dive deeper into the topics that the construction industry wants to hear more about, such as mental health and wellness, workplace culture, demystifying branding and advertising in construction, and so much more,” O’Brien commented.

Martin adds: “We’re also completely revamping our advertising opportunities to bring podcast advertising a viable option for companies who want to put their product or service in front of the construction industry in PA and beyond.” 

The initial rollout of our groundbreaking marketing product, Brand Builders, has the construction industry buzzing. This advertising opportunity is designed to help companies elevate their brand, boost their reach, and enter an untapped medium with the capacity to connect with audiences like never before. To learn more, contact Chris Martin at [email protected], or Jon O’Brien at [email protected]

Your input matters

We constantly search for unique guests to share their incredible stories. If you believe your narrative has the power to inspire our ever-growing audience, we want to hear from you!

Your story could be the next one that resonates with listeners and leaves a lasting impact. Take your chance to be featured on our show and connect with a diverse and engaged audience.

Reach out to the co-hosts today and let’s tell your story. 

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