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Insights – Fall 2023

by The Keystone Contractor

By Jon O’Brien, Executive Director

When I took over the Keystone Contractors Association in the fall of 2016, I had plans to grow the association by introducing new ideas that were innovative and different for our members. I wanted current, past, and future members to say, “That’s my team.” I approached the KCA Board with many ideas, and collectively we would determine what could stick to the proverbial wall and what would not. This approach led to some great things that the KCA is doing today, such as the Building PA Podcast and our Improving Project Outcome sessions.

Unfortunately, our digital magazine The Keystone Contractor did not gain the traction we were hoping for. We determined that individuals working in the construction industry are busy, have less time to read, and are consuming information in different ways.

The KCA wanted to create a publication with great content that promotes KCA members. I think you’ll agree with me that over the past two years, we produced a magazine with great content. It is evident to me that the articles and stories were top-notch. I know this based on the many construction professionals sharing articles on social media outlets. 

This may very well be the last issue of the magazine, but I want to assure you that the KCA has been hard at work in the lab, brainstorming new ideas to try out. I’m just as excited today as I was back in 2016, but there’s a significant change. When it comes to delivering content that the construction industry desires, I realized that I hadn’t fully utilized the knowledge, expertise, and relationships within the KCA membership.

This time around, we hope that what we toss at the wall will result in an improved content platform that’s more inclusive of our membership. As this idea continues to take shape, I’ll keep you updated and extend an invitation to our members to meet with me and discuss industry matters. Together, we can ensure your voices are heard on important industry issues.

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