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General Contractors Association of Pennsylvania: More than the industry’s lobbyist

by The Keystone Contractor
General Contractors Association of Pennsylvania are more than lobbyists

You may have heard of the General Contractors Association of Pennsylvania (GCAP), a statewide construction organization focused on improving the conditions of the commercial construction industry in Pennsylvania. But you may not know everything it does, or how its hard work benefits construction employers in Pennsylvania. While it may be best-known for its lobbying, it does much more.

GCAP represents more than 700 construction companies that are members of the General Building Contractors Association based in Philadelphia, the Keystone Contractors Association based in the Harrisburg area, and the Master Builders’ Association of Western Pennsylvania.  

Founded in 1953 to establish positions and recommendations from the union contractor’s point of view, GCAP touches on every aspect of the industry, from safety to career development to labor and government relations.

When Gov. Tom Wolf and his administration sought to create guidelines for construction employees to work safely and continue delivering high-quality projects for Pennsylvania during the COVID-19 pandemic, he turned to GCAP.

The final state guidelines included many of GCAP’S suggestions, including how to calculate the number of individuals allowed on a job site. GCAP successfully convinced the state to not limit the number of workers on exterior commercial construction, and to not include non-laborers such as owners and architects against the cap.

GCAP is building alliances with other industry associations, such as groups that represent owners, designers, subcontractors, service providers and suppliers to address common needs.

Through a variety of channels, GCAP currently is advocating for:

  • Maintaining Prevailing Wage regulations for public projects.
  • Modernizing the Pennsylvania Separations Act to allow for choice in project delivery systems.
  • Raising the awareness on careers in construction with educators so they can encourage their students to enter our industry.
  • The use of practical and appropriately focused sustainable design, energy efficiency and high-performance green building methods.
  • Legislation to improve worksite safety and lower the tax burden on construction companies and their workforce, to promote investment in business operations and development.
  • The inclusion of diverse backgrounds, opinions, perspectives, experiences and ideas in the construction industry.

Lobbying continues to be a focal area. GCAP currently is monitoring dozens of pieces of legislation that have been introduced in the Pennsylvania General Assembly in the 2021-22 session that would have an impact on construction.

If construction professionals come across issues that they feel should be addressed or if they question the stance of GCAP on an issue, we encourage you to contact us. GCAP is here to help the industry.

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